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Chapter 64 : The Deadly Riddles

  • “Why are you here in these Chosen Mountains in the first place?” the Sphinx questioned as it continued to step closer to them. Its voice was cold and deep, which sent goosebumps on their skin.
  • “You have got nothing to do with it,” Elise answered. “But it seemed that it has got to do with you all along.”
  • The Sphinx laughed, and it rang throughout the cave. The Kapnobatai even heard it from a distance, outside the cave. They were already gathered outside and entered the capital city. The forest near it was already on fire because of the celestial fighters that arrived.
  • The celestial fighters—that assumed as dragons—blew red-and-gold fire at the army of strigoi that was going to invade the capital. The priests had to cast a spell to protect the capital against the fierce battle. They formed clouds to shield it so that no unwelcome threat could get through.
  • “You are all interesting. You have powerful magic spells. I can smell them in you. And your clothes look interesting,” the Sphinx went on.
  • No one opened his or her mouth regarding this comment.
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