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Chapter 11 : The Handsome Man and the Fierce-Looking Sultan

  • The more the five of them struggled, the more the blanket seemed to suffocate them, leaving them out of air.
  • “Don’t struggle,” Kent said quietly in American English. “In the meantime, we should not expose Elise too much by using her powers.”
  • The others readily agreed. They stopped struggling. The blanket appeared to relax, and they could breathe freely again. Not a few moments passed by, they felt themselves dragged and being carried away. They grimaced as it was not in a gentle way. They heard another voice that commanded Radu to bring them at the great hall. They wondered where the great hall could be though.
  • Radu made it look like he dragged the foreigners by holding the blanket.
  • After a while, they stopped. They could not even see anything but the marble floor. The blanket was taken away by Radu, and he threw it at a distant corner, where the Jinn could change itself back to its human form and where nobody could see it.
  • The sultan who was seated on his throne looked at the young foreigners. “Who are you?” he demanded.
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