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Chapter 59

  • Charles could have chuckled hard but something else stopped him. The audacity of the man who supposedly is his biological father certainly couldn't be ignored. What annoyed the man most was the fact that a gun was pulled when Isabella was there. She didn't show any kind of fear, but he didn't want her exposed to such dangers.
  • Charles knew he had to act fast and get them both out of there without Rodrigo Ordinaz getting anything from him. He stole a look at the man who had a smile on his face. His mother was right, he was not a man with good intentions. But that didn't sadden Charles. He had already sort of believed his mother's statement about Ordinaz, so he wasn't too surprised.
  • But the part he totally didn't see coming was where his real father would openly say he wants to use his company and how wife's as some kind of leverage.
  • "Are you going to sit down or not?" Ordinaz asked, an impatient grin now etched in his bold face.
  • Charles who was already working on his plan, pressed the emergency button attached to his shirt earlier. Thankfully no search was conducted, so that wasn't sniffed out. After he was sure that he had pressed the button so many times, Augustus will have no choice but to act, he faced the man with a smile while drawing his wife closer to his side.
  • That little move got Ordinaz snickering.
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