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Chapter 57

  • Charles was beyond baffled.
  • That his mother would go even as far as that surprised him really. But then, she attempted to get rid of his father, should he really be so shocked?
  • "Charles..." Isabella softly called him and he felt so guilty. He felt terrible that Isabella suffered a bruise on her heart when Daphne showed up at their door. The woman's presence took her back to a time she was pregnant with his child, the time she suffered a loss. And it was his fault. His mother just had to be the crazy type.
  • Not wanting her to see how guilty he felt, he faced the other side of the room and heaved a deep sigh. Truthfully a part of him was relieved. Relieved that he wasn't the father to Daphne's unborn child. That could have messed up everything.
  • "Charles talk to me." His wife's hands went around his waist and her head rested gently against his firm back and he shook once again with guilt.
  • His head hung, he whispered, "What could I possibly say Bella? Because of my mother..."
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