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Chapter 46

  • Isabella could still not get a proper grip of herself. His words earlier… they shifted a lot within her and then his crazy touch came after, lighting her skin up. And he hadn’t used his hands yet.
  • As Charles nibbled at the skin of her neck again, she let out another small moan and as her hands went to grab a mass of his hair, she recalled his words again. He had said he loved her.
  • It was not the first time he would be saying it to her, but like the first time, it felt surreal to hear him say those heart aching words. But she was glad. Everything within her danced crazily as she recalled his words all over again. Her whole body yearned for him even more.
  • And Charles did not miss the message she was sending as she raised her lower waist slightly, almost bumping his groin.
  • “You’ll have to be patient baby girl.” The slight roughness of his chin rubbed through her neck, his voice husky. “This will be painfully and amazingly slow.”
  • “Charles…” He locked eyes with her and sent her a smile. Maintaining that action, he slid down slowly making her feel a bit of him and she wanted him to already do more.
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