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Chapter 53

  • It seemed like his head had somehow exploded in reaction to what the woman in front of him just spilled. Extremely taken aback, Charles's eyes darted towards Isabella whose arms were crossed with a little frown on her forehead. He wasn't ready to wonder what she could be feeling after that crazy bomb Daphne just dropped.
  • So, he just faced the pregnant woman again and asked, "What are you talking about?"
  • She gave her little chuckle which he always felt had a tone of evil behind it anytime it rang in his ears. Slowly, she got up and she was soon leveled in stance with him, their eyes on the same plane. "What?" She looked oddly amused. "Are you going to deny sleeping with me?"
  • Charles almost held his hair in anguish. What kind of thing was happening to him? Daphne was just a fling and that was all she ever was. After a week, he broke all ties with her and she had no issues with it. But now...
  • "Daphne... Are you certain this child is mine?"
  • She scoffed. "Are you accusing me of sleeping around while I was with you?"
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