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Chapter 31

  • Charles felt good, yet quite uncomfortable. As he yanked his arms which seemed very apart, he felt slightly, a sharp pain and a metallic sound. Almost frowning, he wondered what was going on.
  • Besides, he also felt stripped. He could feel cool air coming unto manhood. With the aim of leaving his semi-conscious state and ridding himself of the discomfort, he made to get up but it was all in his head.
  • His body never left the bed.
  • What was going on? He wondered. Was he dreaming?
  • As questions flooded his mind, he felt warm hands on his thickness and as they rubbed through, he felt so good. Then it dropped. Was Isabella playing some kind of sexual game with him?
  • It was rather too early for that kind of thing as she didn't appear to be stable enough for extremity. But if she really wanted it... why not?
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