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Chapter 60

  • Among mixed feelings after the news of Gabriel's death, Isabella found something new. Something indescribable. Perhaps it was relief or better put, the peace she had so much yearned for, she really couldn't say.
  • All she knew was that something had changed within her.
  • It was already eight months after Gabriel's mysterious death. No one really knew what happened and nothing could be concluded except for the fact that he was severely roasted and ridiculously, the investigators think he did it to himself.
  • Isabella took a deep sigh and looked around the quiet place with headstones and neat grasses giving her eyes something to feast on. In her hand was a piece of paper which contained the most exciting news she had ever had. But no one was around yet for her to share the good news with.
  • So, strangely, after realizing how boring it would be to stay in the hotel in anticipation of Charles's arrival, she chose to wander. And her reckless legs took her into a cemetary. Not that she minded anyway. She needed the peace and quiet.
  • And she definitely needed the recklessness. Sometimes, it is good to just sail in the wrong direction.
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