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Chapter 38

  • “Let’s hope for some luck,” the district head police said as Charles and Richard bade him farewell. They had gone to gather information about Gabriel’s charges which of course was waiting to be attended to.
  • “What’s your plan exactly?” Richard asked Charles who looked ahead thoughtfully as he stopped his steps for a while.
  • “If Gabriel ends up behind bars, Isabella won’t be in danger anymore. It’s as simple as that.”
  • “But don’t forget that anything might happen along the line,” Richard added.
  • “Yes…” The tall man drew a long breath. “We have no idea what my mother is up to. If only she could just be sane for once and see how happy I am.”
  • Richard said nothing to his friend and client’s spoken thought. Instead, a small pat on his broad shoulders was all he gave and he said, “Tomorrow is the hearing. It might be the last one.”
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