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Chapter 50

  • It was too quiet in there. Not that Charles expected chairs to be flying out of the room already, but it was really too quiet. No one would be able to suspect the duo behind the doors are discussing a really intense topic.
  • Already pacing with restlessness, Charles began to contemplate entering the room already. Isabella wouldn't be surprised if he did it anyway. So he might as well do it. But something told him to stay back for a minute or more.
  • So he did, restlessness still in his steps. As he decided to take a break from the seemingly endless pacing, he heard a familiar feminine voice call him. "Miss Sands." Her name rolled out of his tongue like it was pure poison.
  • "Good day Mr. Oxford." Shyly, she stood in front of him, her hands clutching the mini purse in her hand whose off whiteness matched her blue outfit.
  • "You haven't left." It was taking Charles every nerve within him to not lash out at her. He just couldn't get the image of her being so... sexual with him out of his head at that instant. His hands forming into a fist, he furthered his question with a raise of his brow.
  • "I uh..." Her thick lashed batted seriously as she seemed to struggle to find a stable stance or even look him straight in the eye. "I decided to take a small vacation to help me gather my thoughts together."
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