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Chapter 9

  • Like every other human on earth, Claire Oxford had her past sins.
  • And typical of such sins, it was back to haunt her and take grasp of her son, Charles. Wondering what he was doing at that moment, she took another second to silently pray that he did not stray or fall into wrong hands.
  • As she took a seat on one the cushions in her tailoring room, Claire wondered if it would be safe to let her husband know of the situation.
  • She certainly did not hide her previous shameful marriage with Ordinaz from her husband. And she appreciated that he did not judge her based on the fact that she was sold to Ordianz, he even accepted her son with whom she had run away with when troubles kept mounting troubles in Ordinaz's home.
  • No.
  • She shook her head as her eyes wearily wandered the huge room that reeked of lavender and was a sight to anyone who loved expensive garments. Telling her husband about her past coming back could hurt him. He might begin to worry about Charles which could turn out to be dangerous to his health.
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