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Chapter 44

  • As he closed the laptop in front of him after a two hour meeting with some folks who had ideas to improve things in one of his many acquired companies, Charles caught a glimpse of the silver band on his left hand.
  • It was still like a dream that he was finally married to the one woman who occupied his mind ever since he first met her during his company’s annual boat cruise. As a lucky winner of one of the few tickets given out that period, she seemed like she was making good use of the sea view to relax herself.
  • Without knowing her personally, he could tell she was a quiet person. But she wasn’t when he walked up to her. Perhaps it was caused by the effect he had on ladies, he wasn’t sure. But Charles thanked whatever made Isabella not so withdrawn when he came up to her.
  • Within a short period of time, they had gotten closer and Charles could not stop wondering what she would feel like naked in his arms. Apparently, she felt the same way and she did not mind him being the first man inside her.
  • Charles, who never forgot that fact, smiled. Then, he went back in time again.
  • After three weeks, the cruise had ended but their story had just started. While she worked in a small company as a temp while she searched for a much more reliable job, he was ensuring his father’s wealth increased and at the same time, he worked for himself in order to be independent of his father.
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