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Chapter 25

  • "Bella?" he called again with more concern as it seemed like she was about to cry. "What happened in there?" He swore within him to deal with Manifold no matter what if he did as much as stab Isabella with words.
  • Isabella's eyes darted to the marbled floor below and she said nothing.
  • As he saw Richard approach them, his eyes caught Manifold's tall figure which had a gloat in its steps as he conversed with the shorter man beside him.
  • "Richard?"
  • "He cooked up a tale and made himself look good. Now that we have contradicting statements, we can only depend so much on the witnesses we have."
  • "What did he say in there?" Charles stole a look at Isabella who was trying to hide into his side. Definitely, whatever that bastard said made her instantly... distant.
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