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Chapter 39

  • With no intention of slowing down his anger filled strides, Charles made for his mother’s abode in the hotel. She had crossed the line finally and he wasn’t going to let it slide. To make matters worse, he was not able to celebrate with Isabella properly, for finally winning the battle.
  • That was more reason to see his mother at that moment.
  • He finally made it to her room and took a deep breath to collect himself. Hardening his face after, he pushed the door hard and as his eyes scanned the room, he smiled.
  • With his father with them, the whole thing was going to play out amazingly.
  • “Charles, where are your manners? Have you lost your senses, you don’t know how to knock anymore?” his mother quizzed, her brows furrowed. Charles could still sense the Isabella topic beneath her question but he said nothing yet. He just walked to chair and sat.
  • “Charles… is there something you wish to say?” His father caught up fast.
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