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Chapter 10

  • Isabella felt dirty.
  • She did when Gabriel first slept with her. Hours she spent under the shower trying to console herself, trying to assure herself that things would be okay. She had told herself she wouldn't regret her decisions.
  • Years after, nothing was okay. No amount of days spent under the shower could assure her of better days in Gabriel Manifold's house.
  • As she gathered the mattress into a corner of her office, Isabella immediately cringed. The pain was still screaming into her head, her whole being was crying for help.
  • But she was tired. Fighting was a ridiculous thing to her at that moment. She just wanted to give up or maybe give in. She was sold off to her husband anyway, she might as well let him finally use her the way he wanted.
  • She could give up the company and become a sit-at-home wife who does nothing but follow her husband words. Occasionally, she could visit her father...
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