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Chapter 47

  • "Ohh..." Isabella groaned as sleep disappeared from her system. Hugging the sheets against her some more, she realized Charles was not in the room with her. After grudgingly sitting up, she scanned the room she was in. And as her eyes fell on an artefact on the floor, she recalled how crazy they went the previous night.
  • After a quick meal in each other's arms, Charles had initiated a kiss which led to him exploring her insides with his long fingers. Then, she pleasured him before he dragged the session to the bed reluctantly where he took her as amazingly as the first time.
  • Smiling, Isabella wondered where Charles could have gone. She was actually missing his face. And... his touch. Isabella wore a even bigger smile as she recalled the words they shared the previous night when they reached peaks of pleasure.
  • Contrary to what she used to think, Isabella was starting to see how much of a lucky woman she was. She went from almost giving in to her sorry situation to hearing the man she loved telling and showing her how much he cared about.
  • Taking another look across the large room, she realized it was designed after an idea she had for his house just when they were about to get married then. The white walls had traces of splashed paint in different colours and it already made the room look like an artwork. The polished wooden floor wore a large carved flower in the center.
  • Her heart fluttered some more as her eyes caught a glimpse of a walk in closet from where she was seated. Charles really did everything she had planned. But when?
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