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Chapter 59

  • Ace Pov
  • When you are challenged by problems know it that you have been fucked. It was already depressing to find about my own engagement announcement and since then I had failed to contact dad. I thought I could handle everything, but it seems one can’t do all the work and I failed. I succeeded in making Veronica angry on me but it was totally not her fault. Anyone in her place would have been angry.
  • I thought I wouldn’t vex, I will just talk to dad and sought the matter as soon as possible but no! Everything seems to get messed up as I looked at the way from where Veronica just walked away. She looked terribly upset with me and for the first time ever, I saw tears in her eyes and me being the reason for her tears didn't settle well with me.
  • It was like, I did nothing but I did everything.
  • I broke her heart and she was clearly upset but I understood. My heart ached when she questioned my love for her. It was really disappointing when your feelings are being questioned.
  • I plopped down on the couch putting my hand on my head as I thought of what to do. Veronica didn't seem like she would listen to me, let even see my face. The fact that she got a flight as soon as she heard the news shows how upset and disappointed she is with me. I couldn't bear to see her like this.
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