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Chapter 40

  • Veronica looked back at me when she hung up and before she could say anything, I cut her off as I took long strides to reach her.
  • “Are you like serious? Tell me what I heard is not true!” I spoke through gritted teeth, I couldn’t even believe my own self.
  • “What?” she snapped and shoved the phone back to her pant pockets glaring at me.
  • “Don’t think that your glaring at me will stop me from questioning you. You are marrying that guy because of a deal? Are you serious over here Veronica?” for the first time in my life I was actually at the woman before me and I was even least worried about that.
  • “Ace, do you even know the word privacy and personal? This is my personal matter and I would really appreciate you if you stay away from this,” she snapped throwing her hands in the air which made me really mad as I slammed my hands on the car’s bonnet and walked away crossing my arms over my chest looking the other way.
  • I was panting. My nostrils flared up and down as if I had just ran a marathon. My heartbeat was at a high pace, beating loudly in my chest while I tried my level best to calm the nerves throbbing in my brain.
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