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Chapter 18

  • Everyone stood silently, mourning Mr. John Darwin, the Dean of our school. It was a black day for the whole school as we came to know that he killed himself pointing a gun to his forehead and he left a handwritten letter in which he told everyone he was depressed and he had ruined many people’s life in his whole life. Now, as he was growing old, this was eating him in the inside and finally not being able to take it anymore, he decided to take his own life.
  • Regarding our school building, the fire took place because of a short circuit in the chemistry lab which caused the fire. The cops are investing the matter and the clases had been suspended until they make the other building ready for the students, which would take normally two to three days. Everyone looked shocked to find the Dean dead. While some said, it was really unfortunate, some who were closer to the unmarried Dean, said that the Dean deserved it.
  • Whatever it was, I believed it was not right. Why do he had to kill himself? Just what had he done that came biting him and made him to have depression? Whatever it was, I believe ending life is not the right choice. If you were the one who caused pain and trouble for somebody else then you should be the one to fix it. Face it! But killing, suicide is cowardly.
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