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Chapter 35

  • It was a staring competition between us two, but half of the times she would avoid my glances as I thought of what to say. She just revealed everything that happened to her and anything that I had never really expected to even think off. This woman was full of secrets and her life stories were deeper than an ocean.
  • "Fourteen years," I started as I looked as her fidgeting with her finger. "Where were you?" I asked and that made her sigh because she understood, I was talking about why she have the time, to meet me.
  • "I know what you must be thinking but after I was transferred to South Africa, life was harder for me. My parents were hardly around me and I never really had any friends. So, I focussed how to survive and on my dream. It was how, I ended up taking management courses and started off with a startup company. Then my parents came in and they supported me my whole life, keeping me under their guidance and it was how time went by."
  • "All of a sudden, I heard about my dad's New York building and he told me that he wanted to gift it to me and I could run my company here. So, it was why I came here in the beginning," she said and that made me look up at her, my lips forming into a thin line.
  • "So, you actually came here to give Knights Corp a notice, to evacuate?" I asked and she nodded biting her teeth.
  • "I did hear about Knights but I thought it might be someone else because I had seen you countless times in TV, about your science projects and achievements as a scientist. In no way, I was sure that it was you. It was purely a coincidence," she said closing her eyes for a second.
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