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Chapter 51

  • As she says, she does.
  • She made her driver drive back to our hotel to fetch our luggage and she made our stay in her mansion, promising us of hospitality while we were in Pretoria. We didn’t mind. As long as I get to be near her, I had no problem.
  • I sat down on the recliner near the pool with a mug of coffee as I looked up at the dusky sky. It was already evening and I was already tired enough after having a tour of the city, the full day. Veronica kept her promise as she took us for the tour but while returning she got a call from her office and they needed her presence. She ended up driving off to her office telling me that she would take me to her office the next day for a visit.
  • Her secretary, Ava was the one who drove both me and Noah back to the mansion and as soon as I got back, I had a shower and asked for a mug of coffee and ended up sitting near the pool having some time to myself. But the peace didn’t last long as I saw my phone beeping multiple times and I read the notifications to find some missed calls from Mr. Cottrell and messages and emails from him asking me to get in touch with him, regarding the NASA Mars project.
  • I heaved out a sigh as I thought about it. With my involvement in Knights Corp, I had no time for myself, how am I supposed to manage with a project which needed my presence twenty-four, seven?
  • But that was my dream. I saw my dream rippling away from me and that made me look up at the sky. Just how far do I need to go to reach you?
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