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Chapter 14

  • It has been three months since I have been a friend with Veronica. We three including me, Veronica and Jung and sometimes, Reyansh has been enjoying the bond of friendship, hanging out with each other, studying together and all other things that other normal people do in their friends' group. Reyansh even made a friend group in messenger application for four of us and I would occasionally help them out if they had any doubts in maths or any other subject. But, there was something that always bugged me. It was Veronica. Whenever she smiled, I would feel something off.
  • As if she really wasn’t that happy how she shows us to be. I don’t really feel anything or sense anything whenever she laughs. You know that feeling when you smile, seeing other people smile? But in this case, I don’t really feel anything whenever she smiles. There was something in her eyes. All these months, I have been completely focussing upon her and it makes question myself if I was getting attracted to her. But then, I was only a fifteen year old kid, what really do i know about life or love?
  • Her eyes were always empty. She was hiding something behind that smile and that made me stay away from her. I had never really liked secrets nor do I have any intentions on knowing what she is hiding, but still I don’t know why, I feel weird. to see that there was indeed something that was disturbing her and restrained her from being happy.
  • But whatever it was, I really liked what was going on. Honestly, I had never really had many friends and I didn’t really like to socialize but now it was good to have some friends with whom I could hang out.
  • “What are you reading?” I asked looking down at Veronica who seemed to be reading a book but her eyes were not really trained on the book. She seemed to be lost in deep thoughts but feigned as if she was reading the book. “Nothing,” she whispered as closed the book and placed some notebooks over it, as if trying to hide it from me. But, I removed the notebooks and grabbed the book while she gasped and tried to take it from me.
  • “Business Economics?” bewildered by her choice of book, for being a science student who had physics exam in less than ten days. “Don’t you think that you should read physics books instead of this?” I asked as I took a seat before her and kept the book down.
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