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Chapter 55

  • I couldn’t help but watch Noah as he followed Ava just everywhere and the funny part was, the poor secretary of Veronica didn’t even have an idea that Noah was trying to talk to her. She would occasionally smile at him and he would stand straight responding with a weird smile of his. I heard a laugh and looked to my right to find Veronica stifling a laugh as she looked at Noah.
  • “What are you laughing at?” Cami who sat next to her asked and then looked at me raising an eyebrow wanting to know what was going on, I shrugged and she squinted her eyes at Veronica.
  • “Noah is funny,” Veronica told and we looked back at them.
  • “Why? The boy looks pretty serious most of the time to me,” Cami said and that was when Veronica stopped laughing. “No way! Don’t tell me you can’t see how he is after Ava,” Veronica said while Cami looked confused.
  • It was a weekend and we were sitting next to the and Ava were across the pool. Ava seemed to be serving the food from the outside buffet that Veronica arranged while Noah was behind her trying to talk to her.
  • “You are saying that they are interested in each other?” Cami asked and Veronica shook her head no.
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