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Chapter 32

  • The line went end as I looked at my phone, utterly disturbed by the fact that I was given a warning to join back if I wanted to keep my post for the upcoming Mars project. I have tried my level best to persuade them to give me some time but it looks like I have finally reached the end. This Mars project would be the major role for my scientist career but I see it falling down just before my eyes.
  • They want my presence and I am unable to do that.
  • I can’t leave Knights Corp at this point and I simply don’t understand what to do.
  • It was three in the morning and I could hardly sleep. I blame no one. From the very beginning, the only thing that I had dreamt of was to be an astronaut and nothing else. At one point, yes, I did falter a little from my path but that was my choice. But right now, all I see is obstacles that are simply altering my path to mydestination.
  • I couldn’t sleep.
  • There was a lot going on with me with a change in career, to Veronica back in my life. I used to get excited when I was a kid, but now I don’t know. I was always busy, after the school and I dated some few girls, but all got annoyed by my workaholic attitude and ended it right there. Since then, I focussed more on my career and as time flew by I started to clear the obstacles that I had in my way.
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