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Chapter 46

  • The flames of the bonfire was right before me, as I rubbed my hands together and embraced the warmth wholeheartedly. The temperature was incredibly low compared to the other days and I remained glancing towards Chelsea, who remained quiet and gazed at the bonfire, totally zoned out.
  • I wondered what was wrong with her. She seemed incredibly quiet from the evening and she seemed to have lost her appetite, as I saw her only playing with her food and avoiding eye contact with just everyone.
  • Veronica went away with Simon and I could see them talking in the balcony of the room.
  • “Are you feeling cold?” I heard Chelsea’s timid voice and that made me look back at her.
  • “No!” I responded. She smiled a little as she reached out to her left and threw a blanket on me.
  • “Your legs are shaking,” she said and I looked back at my legs to find them shaking. It was something that happened to me only when I was in tension or nervous. I was definitely, not feeling cold.
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