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Chapter 16

  • There was this solution, I had been solving from past two days and miserably failed, which brought me grief. For the umpteenth time, I crumpled the paper which had the wrong solution, in my hand and was just about to through it when a piece of paper flung directly towards my face and in no time, I dozed it as it hit my pen stand and scattered every single pen on to the floor.
  • What is this?
  • I looked out towards my open balcony door, from where the paper from come from and walked out to find no other but Veronica outside my balcony, under the street light waving at me...excitedly. This girl..
  • I went back in and picked up the paper that she had just flung at me, only to find a pebble inside and in a messy handwriting it was written...Come down.
  • I looked back at the clock to find it already nine in the evening. It was a Saturday and I walked back to the balcony only to find her waiting, tapping her foot on the pavement. She looked up at me and immediately a smile formed on her face as she motioned at me to go down.
  • But I signalled back that she should go back to her hostel and it was late, I was not going down. Being, the stubborn person that I had ever met in my life, she narrowed her eyes at me and motioned me that if I didn't go there than she would definitely come over. A deep sigh escaped my mouth when I thought of the possibilities. Knowing her, she would definitely come over. And it was why I chose to go down, locking my balcony door and passing the guard. But this time, I had to jump over a wall to go out because the guard was on his senses.
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