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Chapter 27

  • Fourteen years.
  • Fourteen years, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I knew I was a stupid person but still with the only picture I had of her from the prom nights, I would simply stare at it and keep it back in between the pages of a book.
  • I used to think what she meant she told me that what happened in the school was because of her and what made her leave, without even saying goodbye.
  • But as life went on, I kept in the back of my mind, refusing to think about her but I knew she was there. Time went on, and I was growing acquainted with whatever I was and wherever I was, I had finally stopped thinking about her.
  • But it looks things never really goes the way, you always want it to.
  • So here she was, roaming around my office cabin, looking at every picture and certificates, on the wall and then to my bookshelf. She picked out a valuation book and opened it to read it as I sat behind my desk watching her still not believing she was actually standing before me.
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