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Chapter 20

  • It was the day. It was finally the day, the end of senior year. I stood before the mirror tying my tie as the door flew open and Jung walked in looking miserable as he strangled the tie around his neck.
  • "Just what are you doing?" I asked as I left my tie back on the chair and looked back at him. "Oh?" he looked at me for a second from up and down and gave out a whistle. "Damn! Man you look amazing," he told me and I smiled as I turned back to the mirror and adjusted my suit. I chose to wear a navy blue, skinny fit tuxedo and for the first time, styled my hair backward. Truly, I looked different, but I wasn't sure if I was looking nice or just different.
  • "Really? Do I look nice or just different?" I asked as I looked at Jung through the mirror.
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