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Chapter 15

  • ACE
  • It was the day. Finally, the day came and the majority of votes from the board of directors were on me. The other candidate was the son of one of the directors, and even though he lost, he said he was happy with everyone's decision and backed off with positivity as I finally took over my father's company as the new CEO of The Knights corp.
  • I had never felt such thing that I was feeling when I saw my father sitting there in the boardroom clapping and looking happy when I got the vote results. He seemed way too happy comparing the day when I was graduated or the day I got the national award for my pollution invention.
  • My sister stood at the corner of the room with my mom on her wheelchair as they clapped for me. The moment was supposed to be the happiest moment of my life but somehow I felt empty and burdened. I was taking on a responsibility for which I was not ready nor I had any wish to. But only for my family...
  • ~
  • The celebration party was set in a banquet hall and I watched as my father walked around talking to his associates seeming utmost happy. This was the first time, his emotions were reflecting on his face. The last time, I saw this was when I left home for London. He was sad but he let me go.
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