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Chapter 22

  • The buzzing of my phone broke my sleep as I turned the alarm off and rubbed the sleep off my eyes as I got from my bed and made my way to the glass slide balcony and looked out towards the sky. It was only four in the morning but still, birds flew away and the ocean of buildings before me stood silent as I stretched a little and went back in to take a shower.
  • The clock read five and hurriedly, I threw a grey shirt and a black pant jeans on as I made my way towards the front door, picking my car keys in the way.
  • Today was the day, when my parents were leaving for abroad for my mother's treatment. My dad has been agitated from the day my mom failed to walk and his brain didn't let him work and it was why he was so keen on leaving the company on me and go abroad for her treatment. The doctors in New York have failed to diagnose the problem in my mom's spinal cord which was troubling her from walking. While some said she was paralysed, in the same time others gave us hope that she could stand back on her feet if she gets the right treatment from the right doctor.
  • My father did his part. He left no stone unturned in search of the best doctor and finally when he found one, he left no time to reach him and it was why I was driving to the airport wanting to see them off before they leave.
  • I had been living in my penthouse apartment from a quite a time as my penthouse was nearer to both my lab and my dad's company. So, I thought it would be easier to transfer back and forth and it was how I ended up living, alone in the penthouse while my sister, Amelia stayed with our parents.
  • The ride took an hour and as I parked my car, I saw my sister waving at me from the gate of the airport. She was also leaving with my parents. She had this in her mind that she would be accompanying our parents for some months before she comes back and help me in our business while I go back to my lab for my work.
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