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Chapter 38

  • "What? Army?" I asked not able to believe what Chelsea told me. We were having some pancakes and coffee in a cafe when the topic about Elliot rose and she told me that he had been deployed to the army in Afghanistan.
  • He chose to join army.
  • "That's interesting," I said as I kept my empty cup down and looked over to find people rushing in probably trying to save themself from the snowfall.
  • "It's getting crowded," I said and Chelsea seemed to agree as she hummed in response.
  • "So where were you heading to?" I asked as we walked past the people in the cafe and out towards the road. It was snowing and the weather was really cold. Chelsea shoved her hands inside her coat and she squirmed, shivering a little.
  • "Here!" I said as I offered her my gloves and she nodded no but as I insisted, she smiled and took it from me wearing it gladly and rubbing her hands together feeling the warmth. Her nose seemed to turn red because of cold and she used her hands to rub her face multiple times, feeling the warmth.
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