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Chapter 50

  • Sarabi had been right. Maddy’s cell phone buzzed at nine while she was heading into the study to start her own work. The message said ‘good morning beautiful, miss me yet?’ She texted back ‘maybe’ and went to her desk with a happy smile.
  • Maddy grabbed her phone quickly and flipped it open ‘running late, meet me at academy in five - C She didn’t take the time to ask why there, just sent back ‘okay’ and grabbed the Quaich and bags of herbs then bolted towards the door. He was cutting the five and a half hours close. They had ten minutes to go before the twinges would start.
  • She was almost to the tree when Sarabi ran by her to the tree. She frowned. “You want to pick now to go to the academy?”
  • Yes, because you don’t have time to argue.
  • Maddy sighed. “Fine.” She reached down and placed her hand on Sarabi’s shoulder and then looked at the Quaich in her hand. “You’ll have to lean against me, I don’t have enough hands.” Sarabi leaned into her leg and watched her touch the tree. “To Hidden Cove please.” They stepped through the tree together.
  • The moment she stepped into the academy she looked around for Colin. He came from around the corner. She smiled when she saw him. “That’s cutting it a bit tight isn’t it?”
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