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Chapter 45

  • Maddy flopped back onto the ground and turned her head to look at Colin. “How many is that?”
  • Colin crawled the last few feet to her side and then dropped to the ground. He took a few moments to catch his breath. “That’s fifteen in the last two hours.” He flipped onto his back. “I don’t think our cup is happy with us either.” He looked at the stake, “I didn’t even reach it this time I still had two feet to go.”
  • Maddy dropped her forearm over her face. “We have to keep trying.” She pushed up to her elbows. “Maybe some juice or something first—I’m melting.”
  • He looked up at the sky. “Anything cold is fine. Is it the curse turning the temperature up for us or the pain?”
  • Maddy looked at the Quaich sitting a few feet from her. “I don’t know, let’s go inside for a few and cool off before we try more.”
  • Colin flipped and pushed up to his hands and knees. “How many more are we going to try today?”
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