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Chapter 15

  • Maddy looked at the whiteboard they’d been scribbling and erasing constantly for the last hour. She shook her head. “I get the feeling we’ve got that part wrong.”
  • Colin leaned back against the desk. “You think?” He blew out a breath and then raised one eyebrow at her. “We haven’t gotten past the first line.” He walked over and studied the scroll tacked to the wall. “I think we should read on and note the parts we do get, or think we do, and then maybe we can use that as a key to help decipher the rest.”
  • Maddy erased the marker board, again and turned to him. “I’ll write, I think we’ve already established your writing is not anything resembling real letters.”
  • He stood with his hands in his pockets and looked at it again. “The person that wrote this had—to some degree, an education or at the very least was from a reasonably higher social status.”
  • Maddy picked up the marker. “Why do you say that?”
  • “Believe it or not, a good part of this is proper English for that period.” He rubbed his eyes, “unfortunately mixing it with the not so proper English is why we’re having such a hard time.” He took a deep breath. “Ready?”
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