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Chapter 31

  • Colin waited until he heard the water running and went quickly into the study. He started towards the book on her desk and stopped mid-stride. Hopefully he didn’t regret this, he turned and went over and stood in front of Maddy’s mothers mirror cabinet. “Here goes.” He leaned forward and opened it. It looked like an ordinary mirror until her mother’s image slowly floated to the surface.
  • “Mr. Gregor, this is a surprise.” She glanced behind him. “Is everything all right with Maddy?”
  • Colin nodded quickly. “Yes, she’s fine.”
  • “Oh, so what can I do for you?” Katherine leaned forward and studied him. “Something is wrong.”
  • Colin stuffed his hands in his pocket. He should have known a mother would pick up on things. His always had. “Yeah. Maddy was going to talk to you later about it, but I’m a bit worried and would like some answers now.”
  • Katherine raised one eyebrow at him. “And what are you worried about Mr. Gregor?”
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