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Chapter 23

  • Slowly, he turned his head to follow where she was looking. He heard it then, the low menacing growl from her large feline. He turned his head quickly to see Sarabi in the doorway with her ears flattened against the top of her head and staring above them growling. “What?” He panted to Maddy, not wanting to look away from the creature.
  • “What do you see?” Maddy whispered to her familiar.
  • Above you! What is that above you? I don’t like it. It makes all the hair on my body stand up.
  • Maddy turned her head slowly, and looked above Colin and her. She could make out the outline of a man. “I think our spirit friends are here Colin—” she swallowed and tried to steady her breathing, “and something’s different this time.”
  • Colin looked away from the cat to her owner. Maddy’s eyes were no longer clouded with lust and passion but very warily looking at the ceiling. Cradling her, to cover as much of her as he could, he turned and looked up. He tried not to react, but wasn’t sure he succeeded when he saw the vague likeness of a large man hovering in the air above them. The man was reaching towards Maddy, which he didn’t like at all. “What do we do?”
  • Maddy jerked her head. “I don’t know.” She moved only her eyes around the ceiling and then the rest of the room. “She’s not here.” She clung to Colin when his arm moved from around her.
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