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Chapter 36

  • Colin looked at the clock again. Maddy still hadn’t come out of her room. He set the spell book down and went over to the coffee pot. He knew she’d been tired yesterday, but not this tired, yet the fact that it was two hours past the time she’d gotten up each day since him being here proved it.
  • He sat back down and looked at the clock. Unless she was still mad at him for last night. He hadn’t seen or spoken to her since she’d taken her dinner to her room.
  • Sarabi came in and sat just inside the door. She just sat there looking at him.
  • I hate to ask, but I have no thumbs. Can you open Maddy’s door for me?
  • Do you think she’s still mad at me?” The cat didn’t move. “You could go in and smooth the way for me.” If only the animal understood him.
  • Love to! Door?
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