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Chapter 22

  • Maddy flipped through one of her herb books as she stood at the counter waiting for the stew to heat up. She wasn’t a fabulous cook, but things she made usually tasted okay.
  • She knew when Colin was in the kitchen when that freshly showered smell suddenly surrounded her. She didn’t dare turn to see if he was fully dressed this time, because she was still trying to get the other image of him out of her head. “I think we should start testing the plants on your list, it’s going to be the only way to find the right ones as quickly as possible.”
  • “I agree.”
  • She lifted her head slowly, trying not to tense when his voice came from right behind her. She didn’t move when she felt his hand touch her hair, his fingers gently moved through it as he pulled it far enough over to expose her neck. “Colin, I—”
  • “Shh.” Colin whispered into her hair, “I know all the reasons not to, but I can’t only think of withering and how to prevent it.” He lowered his mouth against her neck and kissed it softly. “I spend more time conflicted between doing the research and keeping my eyes off of you that I’m being very counterproductive most of the time.” He slid his arms around her waist.
  • Maddy leaned back into him. She would never get enough of the sensations it created when her body pressed against his hard muscled one. Her mind wanted nothing to do with logic or words as she tried to think of a reply. His warm breath was moving over her neck and sending erotic signals all through her body. She moved her head to the side and allowed him complete access. He wasted no time and began trailing hot kisses from behind her ear to her shoulder. Forgotten were any of the reasons she shouldn’t be doing this as she turned in his arms and discovered his upper body was bare—just waiting for her to touch and taste.
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