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Chapter 24

  • Maddy went over and stood beside him and looked down at it as well. “That’s crossed my mind several times too, but something might very well happen to us and our health, or well-being in general if we kill it.”
  • Grin gone, he looked at her. “I’ve drawn the same conclusion.” He shook his head and turned back to look at it again. “So, you think we should start testing the list of plants I came up with?”
  • Maddy nodded and went over to his laptop. “I don’t have the entire list here, but I have a dozen or more of each type of thorn and needle we could start there and tomorrow go out to get the rest that we need.”
  • Anything to get his mind back on track was fine with him. “Let’s start.” He picked up the Quaich and carried it over to her desk. “We just drop them into it one at a time?”
  • Maddy nodded and went over to her herb cupboard. “Yes, if it was used as part of the curse that was cast with it, then there should be some sort of reaction.”
  • “What do we look for?”
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