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Chapter 29

  • Colin could smell the coffee before he reached the sitting area. He grinned and stopped to look out the window. Sarabi suddenly appeared and rubbed a large shoulder into his leg. He looked down at her. “I’m buying you a big bell, my heart just stopped.”
  • Not if you want to live. She leaned against him again nudging him in the direction of the kitchen. Take a hint, don’t make me bite you.
  • Colin frowned. “She’s not crying again is she?” He whispered. The cat pushed harder. Turning Colin went to the kitchen before the cat knocked him on his butt.
  • Maddy stood holding a coffee cup in both hands. She smiled at him, “morning.” Her voice was soft with sleep.
  • “Morning,” he croaked. His throat had dried up as he looked at her. She wore a long t-shirt, those long sexy as hell legs were bare for his eyes to devour. Her hair fell and surrounded her face; it was still messed from sleep. Her eyes were heavy from sleep and so alluring his heart started to thump harder.
  • She gave him another sleepy smile as he slowly walked towards her. Stopping in front of her, he gently took the cup out of her hands and set it on the counter. He cupped her face between his hands and whispered. “I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight in my life.”
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