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Chapter 42

  • Maddy pulled the t-shirt over her head and began to untangle her hair from the clips. She looked in the mirror for at least the thousandth time to see her own eye color. They were green. She would never get tired of seeing that.
  • Her head was still spinning from everything. She ran the brush through her hair a few more times. Through all of it Colin had been rock steady, and that continued to amaze her. The man had been at the museum one moment and then dragged into her world the next, so far he hadn’t complained once. She set the brush down and wandered out to see if he was still lounging on the couch, with Sarabi actually allowing him to sit in her spot.
  • He wasn’t on the couch. She found him in the study bent over several open books at her desk. “I thought we weren’t going to do any work for the rest of the day.” His head bobbed in what she was pretty sure was a nod.
  • “I’m not really working, okay, not completely.” He tapped the book he was reading. “Some of this is just so fascinating.” He flipped back a few pages.
  • “Colin?” She said quietly.
  • “Hmm?” He picked up the other book and flipped it open to the back, skimming his finger down trying to see if it had been in this one.
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