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Chapter 41

  • Colin sat in the chair and listened as Maddy attempted to explain to both of her parents what had occurred. Katherine sat there looking patient, and if he wasn’t mistaken, amused as her daughter stumbled trying to find the way to explain to her father what had transpired in this same room when the spirits appeared. She was attempting to do it without telling him what they had been doing when it happened and it left him asking far too many questions and Maddy red faced and flustered.
  • Maddy finally gave up and looked at Colin. “I don’t know how to explain this—”
  • Colin stood up and ran a hand lightly down her hair. He looked at her mother. “You’re well aware of when our ancestors’ spirits chose to make an appearance.”
  • “Yes I am dear.” Katherine smirked at him with humor in her eyes.
  • “Well I’m not.” Gerald stated and looked from his wife to the Colin.
  • Maddy hid as much as possible behind him.
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