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Chapter 10

  • Maddy sighed and looked at her mother again. “Mama?”
  • Katherine looked up from a book she was flipping through. “The red aura is a very strong one Maddy. The strongest emotions are involved,” she waved a hand as she spoke, “war, death, hatred or quite possibly, love.” She flipped a page in the book again and then looked up to Regina. “I’m going to need to try and track this item all the way back to 1600’s; we need its history and then we can figure out the connection.”
  • Colin looked up from his hands. “There was a plaque under it, something about a Pictish King.”
  • Katherine’s eyebrows shot up. “Pict King? Did it say which one?”
  • He lowered his head and sighed, “I was distracted and didn’t read the rest.” His eyes moved to Maddy briefly.
  • Maddy’s mother blew out a breath. “That is a long line to follow. It branched out all over the place in the 1700’s.” She paused for a moment and studied Maddy. “This may take a day or so to figure out.”
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