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Chapter 47

  • Zanaya's POV
  • "Are you sure you are okay?" Cali asked for the nth time as I continue my weeping inside the van.
  • The girls and I are on our way back home and I find it hard to pretend that I am fine after finding out that my wedding ring is currently hanging on that bitch's neck.
  • I mean, it wasn't just any ring. And even if it is just a promise ring, isn't it right for him to give her a new one? Technically and legally speaking, that ring was mine and I will always be the sole owner of that goddamn ring.
  • The fact that Seth is no longer mine, I can accept that even though it hurts, but my ring? It feels like I'm being disrespected and it's not only hurting my ego but my self-esteem as well.
  • Does he not have any respect left for me?
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