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Chapter 195

  • Cali's POV
  • Two weeks, three? It took me that long to recover. Recover from the pain of being betrayed. I stopped spacing out, stopped crying myself to sleep. 
  • I stopped thinking that the world will stop if he wasn't with me. 
  • Relatively speaking, that was the shortest recovery span that I had with anything related to Storm. 
  • The last one took me forever. I can't say I'm finally okay but I can say that I'm at least able to pull myself together. 
  • And then fast forward, it's now more than a year after the whole fiasco inside our dorm, of us, suddenly learning that one of our members are secretly married for roughly two years, of finding out that Storm knew all that but he didn't bother telling me... Of him meeting my boss only for the end result to be bad as we both expected, of him telling me that we simply give in...
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