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Chapter 182

  • Cali's POV
  • "Did you see me? I messed up, didn't I?" I pouted as I hugged my legs while sitting on one of the steps on the fire exit, him squatting just right in front of me. 
  • My heart fluttered the moment his face softened, his right hand stretching to reach the side of my face. 
  • "You didn't mess up Boo bear. You were amazing right there. And I am so proud of my Chu..." the smile showing on his face is more than enough for me. 
  • Ever since I knew I wasn't as amazing as the others in terms of both singing and dancing. And I used to get stressed about it. I always have to practice trice as much as they did just so I can keep up, one reason why I am thankful for having Storm when I was still a trainee. 
  • He always gives me hope, the courage to move forward. He always reminds me that it was all part of the process, for a better me. 
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