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Chapter 164

  • Max's POV
  • "Max, your stomping on my foot," Mono hissed and I wanted to throw the stuffed toy in my hand straight to Sky's face after he openly laughed at my failed attempt of getting his attention.
  • He raised his eyebrow as if mocking me and whisper-shouted, "What?"
  • "You're dead," I mouthed and he just avoided my glare and ended up playing with Grey.
  • The boys are currently in our dorm and Sky, is purposely avoiding me, not as in not talking but just not letting me explain myself. For what reason? it is because he caught me checking some articles and videos online on dating scandals about him earlier.
  • To be honest, I'm not really sure what has gotten into me but while I was in the kitchen waiting for the food I was heating in the microwave, he ended up lurking behind my back.
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