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Chapter 211

  • Cali's POV
  • "Okay, this is so upsetting. Why are you able to go around like this when I was close to going crazy after I just gave birth to Ashton?" Zanaya scowled as we sat on the couch, on her hands were a bowl of nachos that we've been munching since she arrived. 
  • "We married two different men, Zanaya. They think and act the exact opposite like each other," I chuckled as Zanaya pouted. It's cute how she'd start whining about it.
  • "But it's unfair! You always have this time to chitchat with us not worrying that your baby will cry," I saw Storm shaking his head from afar. He was seated while he watches Ashton stare at our baby who was sleeping on the crib. Ashton was simply standing and staring at her in awe. 
  • He can hear our conversation as well as Seth. 
  • Storm takes care of our child. He likes to be hands-on and is always insisting that I take a rest. 
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