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Chapter 126

  • Tokyo's POV
  • "This kid will definitely follow me around. I will teach him how to dance," I said, wiggling as we all gather in the house, crowding the little Mochi in the living room.
  • Zanaya gave birth the other day and to say that all hell broke loose that time was an understatement.
  • Demo fainted, Seth almost did and Zanaya scared the shit out of us after screaming multiple curses about us not being around during her labor.
  • Storm was exhausted as he tries to set everything in order, calming everyone down since we were all in a state of panic. Raze prepared everything that Zanaya needed and Cali watch everything unfolds in front of her.
  • In our defense, we didn't know she'll be giving birth that day because we were so sure they told us otherwise.
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