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Chapter 174

  • Max's POV
  • "Purple will look better," I exclaimed excitedly and Sky looked at me amused. Regardless, he still extended his hand over my direction and I lay it flat on the armrest.
  • Without wasting any second, my hand automatically did its work and started putting in glittered nail polish over his fingernails, the huge smile never leaving my face.
  • "Next time, I'll buy the tools for nail arts," I giggle and he just smile at my ecstatic state.
  • "I'm fine with anything as long as you are smiling like that," he whispered and I can't help but lean forward giving him a quick peck on the lips, his body stiffened, surprised at my sudden action.
  • "I love you," I smiled at him and I saw how his cheeks blushed at what I said.
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